Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Expects Twin Girls by December

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Marissa Mayer

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Marrisa Mayer joined Yahoo Inc as Chief executive Officer (CEO) in 2012, July and been mother of a boy in September. Then time she continued official work and returned to office within two weeks after the birth of baby child. Recently an announcement comes from Mayer that she is going to be mother of twin girls within December. And she also confirms that this situation will not affect any more in performing his major responsibility as a CEO of Yahoo Inc and it will take less time to get back into the work.

In 2009, Mayer got married with Zachary Bougue who was an executive at Google Inc and later he took the steering wheel at Yahoo in 2012,and from then Mayer has desired to upgrade the attitude towards the increment of the amount of paternity leave for the new parents and the initiative results in 2013, that new mothers can enjoy the 16 weeks leave with payment and eight weeks for fathers.

Mayer’s pregnancy appeared at a very crucial time for yahoo since Yahoo is taking preparation to outgrow its share of E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. The outlook of Mayer towards motherhood has created a question that really is it going to assist the women in the workplace or not?

But Yahoo posted this recent emerging situation and approach of mayer as “extremely happy” in Yahoo’s corporate blog, and Yahoo Inc laid a foundation and made assistance to make possible of her proposal.

According to Forbes magazine Mayer owns an amount of about $380 million. And her pay schedule increased by 69 percent to$ 42 million in 2014, a matter of concern for the health of the business of Yahoo Inc.


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