“It’s Not Been Pulled off from Windows Update, It’s Only Been Taken out from Mct”: Microsoft Corporation

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The Media Center Tool is allowing the users of Windows to download a fresh copy of Windows 10.
The users of Microsoft will be able to grab their copy of Windows 10 from the MCT for a fresh new install and this will save their time too. A small number of people are experiencing a problem and found it unavailable, but most of the people are running the update smoothly. Maybe this problem is occurring because there is a grace period when upgrading to windows 7 or windows 8 to the base system where the user can roll back to its previous version.

Now the MCT has changed the Windows 10 installation notes and it has a way to get back the previous version, however, the initial reports say that the update was buggy and the it was completely pulled turned out. Microsoft says about this issue that the November;s update of windows 10 was fully available using MCT, but they have decided the future update should be using the Windows Update. Nut people will be able to download the update using the MCT, but Microsoft has decided the November’s update should be done via Windows Update.

So, it seems there is a problem with the Windows Update and thus the authority has decided to pull it off from MCT only.


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