Why Just A Few Special People Can See Spirits, But Not All Of Us?

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“Why just a few people are capable to see spirits?” – It is a very common question among the people who have interest in this particular subject. Sometimes we hear from different people that they have seen spirits through their own eyes at some point of their lives. Some of them even say that they always see spirits and ghosts whenever they pass by a cemetery or haunted house or even while taking a walk on the street! Most of us don’t believe them because we can’t see them for ourselves, sometimes we laugh at them. But the wise people know that the spirits exist; most of us just don’t have the ability to see them. But why this happens? Why can’t all of us but some special people see spirits? – Lets’ find out.

Have you ever wondered that why those people who believe in GOD sometimes have visions of divine? Christians sometimes have visions of GOD or Jesus, and who have them considered as “highly blessed”; or Buddhists sometimes have visions of their particular religious belief. If you think what they experience is completely unreal, well, you probably have mistaken. It could simply mean that their “conditioning” has lined them up to some special degree to that particular kind of experience. We see the beauty of unearthly-experience is always happening around us, we just deliberately blind ourselves from seeing what is really going on in our surroundings. “Believing in” makes it more likely to have the divine experiences not once, but many times in one’s life. Now all these experiences that have been given were expedients to make you open your mind to them and except the concept with that opened-mind. Thus, a Buddhist seeing “Buddha” or a Christian seeing Jesus, all are having their own experiences that they believe that they can handle them with the way they have functioned their mind and spirit in order to do it. So this basically means that whatever you have vision of or have any other kind of experience of, is actually a door to something more that you can open inside of yourself: a “Spiritual door”. It is basically “un-tapping” the mystic aspect of yourself, the “Unknown”. Meditation can be a pure and perfect instance of opening your consciousness’s higher levels. By opening the “Spiritual door”, one can see things beyond the capability of the physical eyes.

Hoping that I have succeed to cover the concept of eyes beyond the physical eyes for you, lets’ move to the main question about how some people can see spirits; – if anyone allows his/her “conditioning” to be “broken down”, it allows the person to be capable of seeing things that are normally hidden by what the normal mind can handle. Some people are born with this particular gift; some achieve it by practicing some specific practices, which a very few people are able to go through.

But the fact to know is that most of the people who can do things like seeing beyond what normal people can see, 90% of them hate their gifts. Well, one of the main reasons for that is seeing spirits as in ghosts is not a very pleasant experience. It is more of a disturbing and distracting thing than to be funny or beneficial.


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