What is the Onstage Feud Between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj?

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Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj

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Seems like from a long time Black Queen Nicki Minaj and Surprising princess Miley Cyrus had something going between them. Their Onstage silent war has been the talk of the town now a days. Just like that one of the twisting moment happened in recently held VMA award, 2015. The sarcastic fight was between Anaconda star Nicki and Wrecking ball Miley. And obviously it was onstage. Who knows what happens behind the stage!! When Nicki was honored with her best hip hop Video in the award ceremony she jested some attacking jokes at Miley which was a reply of Miley’s press conference happened the other day. Even she yelled at her saying the word “Bitch”!

On the other hand Miley was also back with her arguments. She mentioned Nicki as a manipulative shit!! And also mimicked some of her movements. The most surprising thing that it is not new between them. It started a long time ago. It is not sure who started first but back in 2012 Miley dressed mimicking Nicki and that happened in Halloween party that year. Watching that, Nicki told that, Maybe Miley happens to be the best imitator she has seen ever. She even found her adorable. We all know what she meant!!In the reply Miley gave her a character in 2013.She told that, May be a lots of people wants to make her White Nicki Minaj. But she just wants to be a singer.

In the following summer, 2013 Mike was seen posing a photo with both the queens Nicki and Miley in a studio. After a couple of months Nicki gave an interview and said that there was a possibility of a song but that couldn’t take place. Was it because of their disagreement? Their dispute started to affect or it is better to say improve their singing performance. Nicki released her song “Anaconda” in August 2014 and it became successful to break the vevo view record which was set by Miley Cyrus’ sensational and controversial “Wrecking ball”. In that Year’s VMA when Miley was questioned about her feeling of the late record break she told that, she can be able to bring a wrecking ball but it is not possible for her to bring that ASS!!

Though Later on Nicki was seen to post Miley’s “Anaconda” meme and she was looking for a good reason that why she should not make that picture her Twitter avatar!!Readers might think as they already started the fight so it is not possible to unite them. Wait! You can’t but Grammy award 2015 made that happen. The interesting thing that they sat next to each other in the ceremony happened in last February and even managed to introduce Madonna together!!But worst thing happened in current years VMA award as Miley mentioned to New York Times that Nicky as a person is not that much kind. Finally Nicki had her last chance in the VMA awards when she got Best Hip hop award and the rest we all know. Ultimately Nicki Minaj is not the only singer who has some feud with Miley Cyrus. Kendrick Lamar was also seen speaking out of Miley’s. She said that, “Lamar sings about LSD and everybody thinks he is cool but when I try everybody thinks I turn out to be a druggie whore!”

We are sure that MTV productions were surely happy when Miley and Nicki decided to be on stage despite their problems. But nobody thought it would turn like this way! Nicki calling Miley a bitch and Miley sent some good words back like manipulative shit. It is rumored that Miley’s Parents, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus are worried about their 22 year old daughter and her recent drama with Nicki Minaj who is 32. It is obvious for the parents to worry for their daughter and they are anxious that something might happen to their baby girl. Let’s see whether Miley and Nicki can make their peace or not!


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