“Virgin Galactic” is Using a “Boeing 747” to Launch Rockets into Space

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By using old version 747 jet, sister concern management organization ‘Virgin Galactic’ of UK Multinational Company Virgin group is going to send a rocket in space. This jet named ‘Cosmic girl’ was previously used for passenger transportation from US to different European countries under the possession of ‘Virgin Atlantic’- another sister concern of Virgin Group. US news media agency CNN has stated that, this term this jet will be used for carrying drone type rocket bearing small satellite in the orbit of the earth. At left side under the wing of ‘Cosmic Girl’ it will be carried out satellite and ‘Launcher one’ space rocket. After reaching the utmost altitude from the earth that rocket will be separated and after that the engine of that jet will be under automation.

So, Virgin Galactic is planning to carry out space-travelers by the vertical launch process from the jet. But there will be some variations like it will be designed and formulated a special jet for carrying passengers and that jet will not reach in the earth’s orbit like the satellite. Virgin Galactic has had a contract to send out US space research organization NASA’s rocket to the space worth 4.7 million US dollar, and besides that they have another contract with ‘One web’ for providing global internet access service by the help of 270 satellites. Virgin chief ‘Richard Branson’ has been delighted for the re-journey of 747 aircraft said that, “I have a special space and emotion in my heart for ‘Boeing-747’. I have never thought that, again a 747 jet will have the chance of assisting space journey. Actually I’m thrilled about that ‘Cosmic Girl’ is under the possession of ‘Virgin’ family and holding its reputation.” In 2014, October space jet- ‘Spaceship 2’ got accident, and an aviator was dead for that unexpected accident. Currently this organization is working for manufacturing another ‘Spaceship 2’


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