Vietnamese Mom Gives Birth to Twins of Different Fathers

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A very unusual case of twins who have been fathered by two distinct men has been filed in Vietnam after DNA results disclosed that only one of the two twin babies is anatomically related to the approved father.

This unusual physiological incident is known as “Superfecundation,” which means the fertilization of two or more egg cells from the similar menstrual cycling by semen from distinctive acts of having sex. And this superfecundation happens while two distinctive male father.

This rare case was file just before the Lunar New Year festival of Vietnam, which got started at February 8, stated by Nguyen Thi Nga works as a director of Genetic Analysis Center and technologies situated in Hanoi.

Nga said that on the issue that, A man came to her medical center with a request aiming to determine whether he was the actual father of his wife’s twin babies or not. Then one of that man’s relatives had urged him to conduct the test because one of the babies looked so dissimilar from him and another baby. And finally the test confirmed and indicated that he was blood-related only one child when his wife had been proved of being biological mother of both.

Mr. Nga stated that in his whole career he experienced this abnormal heteropaternal twins just for second time.Nga said this was only the second case of heteropaternal twins that she had dealt with in her whole career.


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