Usain Bolt’s Olympic Goodbye Has Confirmed Himself the Greatest

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Usain Bolt

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And with that, he’s gone. Typically Usain Bolt picked the main truly workable approach to bow out at the Rio Olympic Stadium – the best, most convincing sprint competitor the cutting edge Games have seen finishing his third straight Olympic sprint twofold in his last individual race.
Before today evening time Bolt as of now had more solo sprint Olympic golds than some other man, five to Carl Lewis’ three. Presently he has twice the same number of as anyone else. Preferable to wear out over blur away, and here Bolt essentially turned on the thrusters and expended whatever is left of the last field at the halfway point and, fueling on to the line right out all alone, a man as continually running a completely distinctive race.

Toward the end Bolt accomplished something somewhat diverse, shunning the standard haring raced to the corners. Here he ceased and tumbled to his knees, arms spread in a sort of supplication, a man fixing at the time for the last time. This was a farewell of a more delicate shade than expected, a valedictory walk topped with an Elvis-level screeching delirium as he ceased at the line and played out the feared to-di-world pantomime for the last time.

Bolt had said he needed to run “the perfect race” to take his record here. He’s 30 next week. Even that probably wouldn’t have been enough. Still he reeled in the field with the usual ease, rolling himself up to his full height and powered away in the straight. Bolt’s superpower is his basic confusion of the laws of scale. Tall sprinters have appeared before. But nobody has managed to make it work. Nobody else could run a bend like Bolt, or muddle his way to a good enough start.

It is off the track as much as anything else the sport will feel the void. When he’s gone there will be no replacement, just a competing roster of normal scale humans beings. The Bolt persona above all will be missed; commercial catnip, but also an intriguing thing in itself. There is undoubtedly a real Bolt in there somewhere, some private part of himself that has remained discrete throughout the Bolt Supremacy, just as there is some clever misdirection in the party boy persona, the Swedish women’s handball team schtick, the much-trumpeted chicken nuggets. The casual airs are an act of intimidation, a racing tactic. The playfulness with De Grasse in the semi-finals was a part of this, an invitation to blink first.


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