U2 Band Sang for a Three Years Old Boy Aylan

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Recently a concert in Italy, suddenly the U2 band’s lyrics has been changed. Singer in the band Bono was changed a line of familiar chorus in the song Pride (In the Name of Love). The line is ‘One up on Washed up on One Empty Beach’. This one word was enough. Not to tell anyone. Because of this line, the presented audience’s sight washed up the frozen image of Aylan’s body.


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Standing on the stage Bono said, I don’t know how to solve the crisis of Refugees in Europe and Africa. Just know that we need to work together to search the solutions. He and his team believe, now the world needs a Humanitarian leadership. In this regard, he reminds us the quote of Nelson Mandela, ‘it always seems impossible until it’s done’.

Have any planning for the refugees to arrange concert- in response to the question, after the concert bassist Adam Clayton said in an interview, ‘that is the next thing. At first, we’re expecting some roles from them to whom we have given the leadership’.

U2 Band

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