It Turns out That Women’s Intelligence Affects Men’s Health

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Women’s Intelligence

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Most of the men dream of a perfect wife. They prefer their wives’ mental ability will be at the top of the list of best qualities. Men who prefer intelligent wives will be happy after reading this article.

It’s not a secret that the mind is one of the most valuable assets. A new study shows that a highly intelligent woman is able to extend the life of her partner and prevent dementia. The study considered the health of identical twins and found that a person’s environment very seriously affect his mental abilities.

Scientists have also found that men who choose to marry smart women live longer and happier and less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. For example, intellectually challenging games can help prevent these diseases by accelerating the brain. It is thus logical to assume that the other half, who constantly trains her intelligence, can also affect the ability of her husband. Unbelievably, brain scans of some men married to smart women, show physical signs of “weakness,” but they do not suffer from any symptoms of the diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s. They are full of confidence, that they are highly intellectual and fully functional.

Emeritus Professor Lawrence Whalley of Mental Health (Lawrence Whalley) from the University of Aberdeen, once said: “If a man wants to live a longer life, one of the things that he has to do – is to marry a smart woman. There is no better protection of dementia than the intellect.”

Girls, who are proud of their intelligence, grow more responsible and independent. Boys, who share this way of thinking, attach the best with intelligent women and create a more favorable atmosphere for their wives and daughters.

Of course, it is not easy to convey to people the idea that the female mind should be valued above beauty, as in many parts in the world; beauty is considered the best quality when it comes to marriage. Therefore, this study as it subtly hinted that the man who attaches importance to the intellect in choosing a wife can take care of his physical and mental health.


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