Top 13 Most Amazing Candy Shops in the World

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Everybody loves candies. Candy shops or stores have such an amazing appeal to all that when Children or even adults pass a candy shop, almost all of them stop and take a peek inside for at least a moment. Candy shops are one of the very first things that emerge in a child’s fantasy and nearly never fade away no matter how old they get. If you ask a child, what he/she wants most eagerly – the answer will inevitably include an amazing candy shop, from which he/she will get to have all the candies he/she wants for free. Although, no candy shop is for free, saving some special occasions – but that does not make them any less amazing. If you want to make your loved ones happy, you can take them to a candy shop full of nice and sweet candies without having a second thought – no matter how old or young they are, it will definitely make them happy. And to help you with the matter, we are here with 13 most amazing candy shops in the world :

01. Dylan’s Candy Bar

01. Dylan's Candy Bar Candy Shops

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Owned by the legend of fashion world, Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan Lauren, Dylan’s Candy Bar is one of the world’s most famous candy chain shops with the most delicious collections. Originally located in New York’s East Hampton with branches in LA, Miami and Chicago. This amazing candy shop also has wholesale venues all over the world.

02. Candylicious – Malaysia and Singapore

02. Candylicious - Malaysia and Singapore Candy Shops

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Most famous candy shop in Asia; Candylicious sales some of the best candies in Malaysia and Singapore. They especially offer organic and sugar free, yet amazingly delicious candies and beverages. The collection of this candy shop covers a large range of sweet beverages including Caffarel, Butlers, Ghirardelli, Jellybelly, Hershey’s, M&M, Kisses and Wonka, Reeses, Bean Boozled and many more.

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03. IT'SUGAR Candy Shops

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Founded by Jeff Rubin in 2006, with more than 80 branches around the globe, IT’SUGAR – the sweet manufacturing brand, in such a short time of 10 years, has managed to become one of the most large and fastest-growing candy retailer shops in the world! – Along with candies and sweets, the brand expands their area of selling to branded clothing collections, home goods, sleepwear and other accessories. And FYI, the brand just loves the phrase “Bigger is Better” – and so, they have several of the largest candy boxes in the world.

04. The Candy Room

04. The Candy Room Candy Shops

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One of the sweetest places, not only in Australia; but also in the world. The amazing candy shop with full of delicious sweet cakes, chocolates, lollipops, and of course, candies, is located in Melbourne. The candy shop’s design was done by “RED Design Group” according to the demand of the client, which was the shop has to be something that is uniquely charismatic, humorous and edgy – and if you visit the shop, you will see that the designers had managed to fulfill their client’s demands quite successfully. The theme of the design is “returning to childhood” – featuring fiction, fantasy and most importantly, candies and chocolates. The Candy Room store is actually a place for everyone – children and adults combined, where everybody gets a touch of childhood.


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