Top 10 Myths About Love You Probably Didn’t Know Yet

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05. You Can Read Your Partner’s Mind

You Can Read Your Partner's Mind

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No scientific journal has proved that you actually can read your partner’s mind. There is no way to know what is going on in your partner’s mind. Yes, you can assume a few things through your daily life but, the most part remains inside your partner’s mind which you can’t read or know until she/he tells you.

06. Passion Never Dies

Passion Never Dies Love facts

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You can talk to any married couple and they will tell you about their passion. This is entirely a myth that passion in love never dies. Passion surely dies after a few years. When you are in a new relationship, you will feel a great passion and after a few years, you will feel that the passion is no more the same. You must have love but, you will feel the lack of passion. The brain in affection makes dopamine and once you have a relentless stream of any concoction, your body gets accustomed to it.

07. True Love is Never Hard

True Love is Never Hard Love facts

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Infatuation or puppy love is actually easy but, true love comes when everything fades away. If your partner loves you when you have no glamor, you will feel lucky. That is called true love. But, actually, true love is very hard to find. In true love, you need to esteem yourself. While it likely sounds unusual, with intimate romance you must be willing to adore yourself as much as your accomplice does and the other way around. Else, you will both be inconsistent with your own objectives of filling one another’s necessities in light of the fact that neither of you have an inclination that you merit the products of affection.

08. Jealousy Means Love

Jealousy Means Love Love facts

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Jealousy can be good and bad but, don’t think that your partner’s love is the reason behind his/her jealousy. As study shows, jealousy can never be the part of love. Jealousy is the sign of dissatisfaction in a relationship.


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