‘Tom Cruise’ Shooting Again in “Collision”

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Tom Cruise

Image Credit: screenrelish.com

It seems that, danger and hazard is always following Hollywood actor ‘Tom Cruise’. In last September, while shooting in a film there happened a serious airplane accident caused two deaths including a pilot. Last Friday night, again there had a serious fire explosion during the shooting of a film of Tom Cruise, but all members in shooting unit including Tom remained safe and nobody got wounded for that incident.

An eyewitness informed that, during the shooting of a film ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’ by Tom Cruise suddenly fire explosion took place between costume bearer van (Wardrobe Trailer) and different equipment of shooting spot, he also notifies that, within a moment rapidly fire flame got spread and then a costume van beside the shooting spot started to burn intensely, in that time Tom Cruise was very close to that arson but fortunately he was safe. It has been stated by an eye witness that, 53 years aged Tom was a few meter away from the fire flame when that arson took place.Previously, in last September during the shooting of a film under the banner of ‘Universal pictures’ an airplane crash occurred and two men was dead including the pilot, the news of that accident was confirmed by the ‘Colombia Civil Aviation Authority’. After that terrible collision in September, shooting of that film was closed and for a fact ‘Tom Cruise’ was not there in the airplane during the crash. And it has been informed that, after this recent fire crash in last Friday during the shooting of the sequel ‘Jack Reacher’ by Tom Cruise fire fighter team reached quickly and controlled the situation quickly.


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