11 Things You Didn’t Know About Tom Cruise

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It’s hard to find anybody who would not recognize Tom Cruise. He made headlines many times in his movie career and his personal life. By many of our favorite action films, thrillers, dramas he is one of the famous movie stars for decades. Arguably Tom Cruise is not only in the country but also in the world, one of the most famous people. How much you really know about this person? This post is a compilation of some of his less known facts. You may say, these 11 facts represent the real Tom Cruise behind the actor Tom Cruise.

The “Tom Cruise Day”:

Tom Cruise

Image Credit: comicbookresources.com

Tom Cruise made more visitors than any other Hollywood actor and that’s why Japanese loves him very much and in Japan, they celebrate October 10 as “Tom Cruise Day”.

Pilot Tom Cruise:

Tom Cruise

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After filming “Top Gun” Tom got his pilot’s license.

His Amazing Stunts:

Tom Cruise

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Tom always Loves doing his own stunts. With the insane opening scene of “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” he performed most of the movies of his own as his own stunt. In fact, Tom Cruise did all of his driving stunts in Jack Reacher. Although, the director of Edge of Tomorrow insisted on a stuntman, but Tom refused and made the director happy by own work.

A Real Life Hero:

Tom Cruise

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You may say Tom Cruise, a real life hero. In 1988 he saved a woman from being mugged and after saving her he attacks the muggers with his bodyguard. And, he also helped a woman by paying her medical bill after she got hit by a car.


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