Tiffany Thornton Breaks Silence After Husband’s Death When Demi Lovato Offers Her Empathy

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Disney Star Tiffany Thornton doesn’t believe that her loving husband, Christopher Carney is no more. After twenty four hours of death of former MTV reality star Chris Carney, wife Tiffany shared a photo of her husband with their two sons, Kenneth James “KJ” Carney Bentley Cash Carney. Kenneth is 3 and Cash is just 21 months old. Chris died in a car accident in Arkansas on Friday morning. She posted the photo on social media Instagram. A lot of fans commented on the photo right after sharing. Her fans encouraged her to stay strong and all people are praying for her. This post is the first comment from Tiffany after her husband’s death. Chris was a member of rock band and Tiffany is a former Disney actress. They got married in 2011.

The Arkansas times reported that Chris and his friend, Ezekiel Blanton both died in that car accident at 1.40 a.m. Ezekiel was driving the car and suddenly it banged into a tree which caused the accident.

Demi Lovato, who was a co-star of Tiffany on Disney show showed her concern for Tiffany via Instagram. She shared a photo of the couple’s wedding where she was a bridesmaid. Demi wrote on Instagram that she woke up and got to know the terrible new and now she is trying to figure out how she will console Tiffany. She said that the picture is the perfect example of the love between Tiff and Chris. Chris was a funny person and her good friend. She will never forget the way Chris looked at Tiffany on the day of their wedding. She continues, she is still in shock and like Tiffany, she also isn’t able to digest the news. She is unable to express how sad she feels for her friend Tiffany and her two kids. At last she shared a link on GoFundMe page to facilitate living costs of Tiffany and her kids.


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