Justin Theroux Explained: The Honeymoon was Not Enough Amusing as He was Nearly Dead.

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The famous star Justin Theroux recently talked about the experience of his honeymoon in a TV show. He talked on his horrible experience of the honeymoon in Bora Bora. Justin is married with the stunning actress Jennifer Anniston and the couple goes for the honeymoon immediately after the marriage. But the honeymoon was not at all an interesting one for him. He was about to die there.

The famous actor of The Leftovers has explained the bitter honeymoon experience with Jennifer Anniston after marriage. He told that he tried scuba diving for the first time in his trip on Bora Bora. He loved to dive scuba. The first time while he tried for it was a good experience. He liked it very much. But unlucky Theroux was about to die for the second time while he tried for scuba diving. He was nearly drowned underwater and his air tank was about to go low. The actor said the tank was nearly empty. He claimed the instructor who was appointed to advice him. The instructor was a French man and Theroux said that he was little known in English. He said to his co hosts of the show that it was really very deep of water. He also noticed the red signal of his oxygen tank. He raised his hand for signal to the instructor, but he said everything is going fine and told him to keep on swimming. Theroux explained how much scared he was. The friend of him who accompanied him on that trip thought that the actor was about to die.

The instructor finally rescued him and gave him emergency inhalator to make his breathing easy. Theroux was too much furious on the incidence then. The actor told that it was may be a clear plan to kill him.
It was an incidence that happened a few months ago in Bora Bora. He was on his honeymoon with her newly married wife Jennifer Anniston. Though the word honeymoon sounds so romantic it was not so fun for Justin Theroux. The actor was nearly dead of an accident under water. He might not go for another scuba diving recently.


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