The Rolling Stones are Planning to Work on Their New Album Over Christmas

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The Rolling Stones have taken initiative to make their fans happy on this Christmas. They recently revealed that they are going to start working on their new album which is the best gift for the fans.

This band was formed in London in 1962 consisting Mick Jagger (lead vocalist), Ian Stewart, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman. The Rolling Stones became famous in the US in 1964. After that, they didn’t look back and still they are one of the famous bands in the world.

Ronnie Wood (guitarist) revealed the news of their new album in an interview of ABC radio. He said that he along with his band members are all set to start the work on their new album and they will start from next month. The album will be a biggest hit of their career. They will start in December and at first they are planning to cut a couple of tracks and observe what happens. They will actually observe how those tracks work at a time.
Guitarist Keith Richards also said the same thing after a week. He said, he is going to work with Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Watts for April, 2016. This summer, the band went for North America tour which they called Zip Code tour and now they are planning for North American tour. The tour will probably happen in early 2016. They will start their rehearsals from January 2016.

Presently they are all set for their concert in Santiago at America Latina Ole stadium. The concert will be held on February 3. After the concert, they will visit some other countries including Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Peru.
So, all their fans are happy now as their Christmas dreams come true.


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