“The Real Life Joker” : The True History of the Most Famous Villain

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The Real Life Joker

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Maybe all of you are familiar with the name “The Joker” – arguably the most popular villain of the DC Comics; but did you know that he hides a secret history – and it involves the real life joker?
This time, we want to tell a story that besides being real is a little different. Let rest the little ghosts and focus on a dark and macabre true story, which gave rise to one of the (fiction) most famous villains of all time – The Joker.

Let ‘s start ….

Origin of “The Joker”:

Origin of the joker The Real Life Joker

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Well, to our regret, we will not tell the whole story from the beginning of “Batman” because we do not dedicate ourselves to it (sorry); but what if we dedicate to bringing the truth or those mysteries hidden in the shadows- wouldn’t that be great?

Leaving behind philosophical issues, do you ever wonder where did this incredible character came from? We also have the answer to that, and believe us … you will be surprised.
It all starts in the mind of an artist Bill Finguer , who wanted to make a superhero villain that would be out of the ordinary. One can say that the personality of the mysterious villain came in seconds. I wanted something different … “Joker”. There it was, the most famous villain jut took birth.

Basically, the idea came to them from a third party. They were inspired by a mythical character from an American horror film titled “The Man Who Smiles.” This curious and terrifying fictional character caused quite a stir among young people. And it is clear why, you just have to see …

The authors of this great comic books did not want the same kind of villain over and over – they always wanted something different, something extravagant and apparently they got it …

The “real life Joker”

It is believed that the original character of “The Joker ” is based on the life of a man somewhat macabre and dark. He was called Peter kunter, and he was nicknamed as “The Vampire Dü sseldorf” – the real life Joker!

Kunter was the third son of three brother rebels. He grew up with his father who was an alcoholic in a poor neighborhood of Mülheimam Rhein (an Almenan Colonia in United States).

This young man had to witness how his father raped his mother and two sisters , when he returned home after a monumental binge .

kunter confessed he committed his first murder when he was only 9 years old . In official statements, the child’s testimony made blood run cold to all who read it .

Apparently, it was a pretty good summer day. Kunter, along with his friends enjoyed the day and the water of a nearby lake. It was that same day and in the same lake when and where kunter drowned two of his friends in the water.

The first “official” murder committed by Kunter was 1913 – when kunter strangled a sweet girl of nine years in a robbery.


The Real Life Joker

Peter Kunter : the real life Joker

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At an older age, he was arrested and sentenced to prison for 8 years .These years held off the chaotic kunter, but the peace would not last long. In 1929, he returned to his old ways.

This manic character began his crimes in February of 1929 by assaulting a woman.

Soon after, kunter returned to killing again. This time he killed a mechanic in his neighborhood. He left his victim with about 20 stab wounds until he was cold as ice. This horrible incident was unnoticed for about 6 months.

After his 6 month break, he decided to start his crime spree by killing a woman on August 11 .Then ten days later, he decided to act again.

This time he did it by an impulsive act. He stabbed three different people in three different locations with a very narrow range of fifteen minutes. Three days later, he killed two young people of 13 and 14 years old. A few days later, he stabbed another woman.

In September, he raped and killed his housekeeper brutally with a hammer. Many say that after that, his favorite weapon was to kill the hammer, as he used it in his next three attacks.

You can tell that, by a miracle, all these women survived the brutal beating with the hammer. Shortly afterwards, Kunter stabbed a girl with a scissor.

Shocking fact: Police did not suspect kunter at first!

Shocking fact: Police did not suspect kunter at first! The Real Life Joker

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That’s right, the most interesting of all is that the police believed that each of the murders that Kunter committed was the doings different men, since they didn’t have any particular pattern that could link them with one man.

One afternoon of warm May of 1930, kunter decided to kidnap a woman named Maria Butlies , taking her to the apartment where he lived back then.

Once the got there, he realized that he did not take the necessary precautions, and he was cornered. And he decided to take her somewhere else. Where he could violate but not kill her. Police found his position, although he could escape.

Shortly after that incident, on May 24, he was captured by the police. During interrogation, kunter said he had not been the one who had committed the murders. However, sometimes later, he collapsed and confessed everything.

A respected psychiatrist Karl Berg had one rigorous analysis about the killer. Here he confessed that the murders were committed by the simple sexual pleasures. He also said that the amounts of stabbing and hammer blows, thedid so because it was the time duration that the orgasms lasted!

One of the most disturbing claims is that he said he came to test the blood of one of his victims (hence the name vampire of Dü sseldorf.)

Finally kunter was sentenced to the guillotine. But before he died, his last words chilled the blood of all the witnesses:

“Tell me—after my head is chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures.”

… a true history that reflects the film directed by Kirstopher Nolan “the Dark knight” – in which, the role of the Joker was played by Heath Ledger and by which, he won an Oscar.

It seems to us that now that you know the true history of the real life Joker, you’ll never see this comic character with the same eyes as before right? What do you think of this story?

The Real Life Joker

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