The Biggest Secrets in Model/Glamour Photography : Nothing is What it Seems!

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There is nothing new that all the images we see from model/glamour photography, the most attractive photos that surround us go through many issues; for example, the famous “Photoshop”. But a photographer who worked for a long time in the area decided to reveal the true secrets of these images; and believe me: they happen long before the “click!”

The idea of the photographer, who declined to be identified, is to show how unrealistic are the bodies that we see and what is our role in society as propagators of these “ideals of beauty.”

Glamour Photography

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The retouch before Photoshop :

The retouch before Photoshop : Glamour Photography

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It is undeniable that every professional photography requires editing, especially the model/ glamour photography. It may be the color of the clothes, which was not as it should be, or an insect that appeared at the wrong time. According to the photographer, this work is necessary for the photo to be printed correctly; however, at some point, someone thought “if you can handle the fund, why not the body?” And that’s when the thing got out of control.

One of her main works was with the models of Victoria’s Secret, known for their perfection. But she says that is not so, “the first thing they do is put extensions in their hair to increase volume and / or length. I guess I never took a picture of a model with her real hair. Then they arrange some fillers for the breasts and put a swimsuit full of materials that shapes the body – if you could pick it up, feel the weight.”

This is one of the main reasons why a swimsuit is never fit so well in our body as in a model.
Besides all this, they still put a bra – with more filling – under the bathing suit, and editors that come to take away any remnant that may appear in the picture. But not only the Victoria’s Secret that uses this trick; according to professional, this is a very common practice and therefore we see so many “antigravity” breasts there.


No one is as the pics in real life :

No one is as the pics in real life Glamour Photography

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In glamour photography, after the “click” comes digital edition: Get the bra, delete the nipples, leaving the rounder breasts, higher, more symmetrical and clear.

And they do not stop there: there are several fixes that may go unnoticed. Among the revelations, the mysterious woman told that the camera, we can all stand with their hands and feet in blue hues, plus the ashes armpits. No matter how good a man has shaved: there will still be shadow in the region.

She says that many models do not shave, and if they show up with their arms up, they will not accept hairy armpits in the photos. More work for editing.


Believe me, model/ glamour photography models are thinner than you think!

Believe me, model/ glamour photography models are thinner than you think! Glamour Photography

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If you think the main practice is slim girls in the pictures, know that “fatten them” is very common. According to the anonymous model/ glamour photographer, the models are thinner than you actually see. So it is common for them to disguise their protruding ribs.
Now you may be thinking, “why they do not hire girls who are not so thin?” The answer is simple: they do not sell.
The professional account that this is where the story gets really ugly: during her time of working with the world of beauty, she saw companies trying different patterns of models, but consumers simply did not respond positively.


It’s all about the money :

It's all about the money : Glamour Photography

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The great reality is that the only purpose behind many edits and modifications of glamour photography is to sell some product. And, of course, the brands want to reflect the world the way we – consuming public – want to see. We are so used to perfectly symmetrical bodies that common repels us. Thus, we continue to turn the “perfect machine and nonexistent appearance.”

The company that made a difference :

Glamour Photography

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“Aerie” is a company that sells lingerie and in 2014, risked and launched a campaign beauty of “reality”, in which they used models with different shapes and chose not to retouch the photos.

Glamour Photography

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With the great success of the initiative, the company began to invest further in its new standard of glamour photography, which could be a good reason for celebration, but the photographer makes warning: none of it was out of kindness. “They did it because they wanted to see if it would sell. It was for someone to feel good with her own body,” she says.

Glamour Photography

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The problem is not only in the fashion industry :

The problem is not only in the fashion industry

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It would be simple if we could focus on the problem in the big brands that sell “beauty”, but the photographic manipulation has become part of our daily lives. Just look at Instagram, for example: it is more of a reminder that this is not real life published. She recalls that many people are repeating tricks used by professional photographers, such as framing and light, and this is part of the manipulation of images.

All this change, which includes decreases to the female neck size to look more delicate, is also affecting children. Of course they do not undergo the same touches as adults, but the part of the routine changes something in them.


The exchange of body :

The exchange of body Glamour Photography

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For some times, we have confronted news actresses, singers and other personalities complaining of their extremely altered photographs in publications. This was the case of “Girls” series actress Lena Dunham – “it is a strange feeling to see a photo and did not recognize my own body,” she said after seeing her cover in the “Tentaciones” magazine.

As absurd as it sounds, it is common to simply replace the whole body at the time of issue. That’s right you read, they get to a person’s head and put it in another body! Or at least some pieces, as the arms.


Things are changing … but not so much :

Things are changing ... but not so much Glamour Photography

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While away from the beauty market, the professional says it is concerned about the new trend of having a silhouette hourglass-shape. So, while still attached to some work, she decided she will no longer edit waists or lighten teeth and eyeballs.

Still, there are some practices which you cannot get rid of: take acnes, cellulite and stretch marks – “after all, you are not left with almost 2 meters tall without gaining many stretch marks”, comments on the models.

She is happy with small changes that are occurring in this industry, but knows that the biggest battle must take place in the minds of consumers.


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