Texas School Officer Sacked for Body-Slamming a Six Grade Student who is Only 12 After Caught in a Video:

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Texas district officials said after investigating into an incident last month at Rhodes Middle School, “we fired Officer Joshua Kehm on Monday for his rude behavior towards a six grads 12 year student Janissa Valdez.”

School District Superintendent Pedro Martinez said in a statement that “We understand that situations can sometimes escalate to the point requiring a physical response; however, in this situation we believe that the extent of the response was absolutely unwarranted.”

Additionally, the officer’s report was inconsistent with the video and it was also delayed, which is not in accordance with the general operating procedures of the police department. We want to be clear that we will not tolerate this behavior.”

Janissa told the ABC-affiliated television KSAT that, after school at 29th March, she and one other student in her school met to discuss comments about the other students gossiping about Janissa. She told the NBC affiliate WOAI, the other students thought the two girls will start fighting and that’s why they gather in the hall.

“I was walking toward her, telling her, ‘Let’s go somewhere else,’ because there were a lot of people,” the 12 years told KSAT. “Then that’s when other people came over and the officer thought we were going to fight.” And without ensuring he hurled the girl to the ground and handcuffed her. When he hurled her a loud crack came to hear because her head slammed against the brick pavement. After that, the officer pulled her on her feet and leaves that area.

Some students were making a joyful noise after the incident, but some were very gloomy. And maybe one of them was with her, she was very apprehensive about Janissa, if she is okay or not.

After seeing the video Janissa’s family confirms that it was her, but the school district would not release details about the video. District officials learned about the video when it went viral in social media. They said they’ll launch an investigation about the district police and the administration.

The co-director for the Advancement Project, a civil rights organization, Judith Browne Dianis said last week that “demonstrates the urgent need to take action to remove police officers from our schools.” She also said, “It is unconscionable for a 12-year-old student involved in a verbal altercation to be brutalized and dehumanized in this manner”.

Martinez, the superintendent told the San Antonio Express – News that “The Officer Kehm failed to report about the incident to the district and the officials decided that the use of force by Kehm was strongly unwarranted and that’s why they decided to fire him. He also said the report submitted by the police officer was not consistent with the video. Kahms report suggests that the girl has fallen down by own self. According to Kehm’s recent deleted LinkedIn account, since February 2015 he has been with the San Antonio Independent School District.

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