Turkey Fines Twitter over ‘Terrorist Propaganda’ Worth-£33,000

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Image Credit: cnbc.com

Turkey’s authority- that is responsible for the countries communication regulation has imposed a fine worth 150,000 lira for the accusation against terrorist advocacy. The authority of Turkey said that, Tweeter has been failed removing publicity against terrorism. It’s been the first time ever that this popular communication site ‘Twitter’ has to face this huge amount of fine. Still there has not been official statement about this issue from the Turkish authority. But from a source of BBC news it’s been said that, Turkish Government adopts this strategy of fining ‘Twitter’ because using this site- political protestant finds a way to criticize Turkish government on several issues.

Still on behalf of ‘Twitter- authority’ there hasn’t been any comment on this issue of imposing charge by the Turkey’s government. Though the recent emerging incident for twitter is not a new situation. This popular ‘micro- blogging’ site and Facebook were previously obstructed by the Turkish government due to the court order provided forbidding people from splitting image of an investigator. In last year March, it was stated that some social media sites had been obstructed in Turkey after the prime minister of this country ‘Recep Tayyip Erdogan’ made a promise to “clean off Twitter” .


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