10 Stunning Pictures of the Most Isolated Tribes in the World … Unique People!

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Our world is full of mysteries and rituals. It turns out that, in the era of global development and technological progress, there are a lot of people on our planet who are completely out of modern world and actually they have backward ways of life. It looks like these are people from the past and they still do not know what civilization is. But, perhaps, those nations has reached a higher level of spirituality than we have. After all, happiness only matters.

Here are 10 stunning portraits of the most isolated tribes in the world.

01. Surma


Image Credit: wordpress.com

Known as Ethiopian tribe, which for many years, avoided Western influences and managed to preserve its identity. Their main distinguishing feature – a huge plate inserted into the lips. These people live in groups and there are almost 100 people in a group.

02. Juli


Image Credit: fastly.net

These are Papuan ethnic groups living in the mountainous areas of New Guinea. To scare the enemy, tribe members use yellow, red and white color paint on their faces and put wigs on heads, made from his own hair.

03. Goroka


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Like other natives of New Guinea, Goroka survive by hunting and growing crops. The tribe living in the region is often between wars, so terrifying battle for color slides – a common occurrence.

04. Maori


Image Credit: neomedia.info

This is the indigenous people of New Zealand. Researchers attribute the historical origins of this tribe in the beginning of the fourteenth century. In Maori culture, dance is highly developed. And they make tattoos on their bodies.


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