Study Says, People Who Read Live Longer

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A study from Yale University says that people who have the habit of reading live on average two times more than those who do not read at all years.
It’s not new that reading brings benefits, mainly for the mind, but now scientists at Yale University, United States ensure that people who read about half an hour per day have “a significant survival advantage compared to those who do not read absolutely.”

The researchers reached that conclusion after conducting a study with a group of 3,635 people over 50 years of age divided into three sub groups: one composed of people who do not read books, another with people who read less than three and a half hours in a week and another with people who read more than that.

As a result they found that who spent less than three hours of reading per week showed 17% less likely to die during the 12 years of follow-up, while those who read longer a week showed 23% less risk. What led them to conclude that people who have the habit of reading live on average two times more than those who never read.

Just reading books serves?

For the study, researchers analyzed the relationship with other readings and the association also appeared in people who instead of books read newspapers and magazines, but it was much weaker, so the classic book would be the best option for those who want to prolong their life.

Becca Levy, a professor of epidemiology at the University who conducted the study explained that the work took into account other factors such as variable-perceived health, economic status, education, cognitive skills, marital status and employment among other. And they found that books readers tend to belong in higher income group.

So start reading from right now as it will not only enhance your mind and brain, but also help you live longer.


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