10 Stones and Minerals those are So Pretty More than Diamonds Might You Can’t Believe

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Many people think that Diamond is actually beautiful, but naturally a mineral and stones are more beautiful than Diamonds. A minerals are occurring material that is stable and extinct re-presentable by an atomic design and chemical canon. In our world more than 4900 minerals have been those are a little pattern of beauty. There Given a list of world’s most attractive stones and minerals whose are solid from mother earth may it’s going to change your mind.

#1 Bismuth

Bismuth is the crisp metal with a silver and white-pink hue where a rise in native form. It’s a chemical factory with stumble Bi and diminutive number 83.The structure of bismuth crystals is a higher growth rate about the outside of corner than on the indoor of the corner. It is showing a different color like the rainbow.


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#2 Opal

Opal is a hydrated nebulous form of silica. Its water fulfilled might length from three percent to twenty one percent by gravity, usually its six percent to ten percent because of its nebulous character. May it is occurring in the crevice on any types of rock and mostly found with chalk, limonite, brick and slag.


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#3 Sunset Fire Opal

In the world of opals the Fire opals are very different. Already they were adored as a design of the most ardent love in antique times such as in Persian kingdom and India. The sunset fire opal is watched by the national stones of Mexico.

 Sunset Fire Opal

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#4 Rose Quartz Geode

Geode is round like our earth. In the Greek language, geode means the format of the earth. Geode is a stone that are round and broad on the outside but indoor is a beautiful red crystals, that’s why its name is a rose quartz geode.

Rose Quartz Geode

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