See Who Spent $86000 to Look Like Katie Price!

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Look Like Katie Price

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Yes, People may have their idol. They can follow their idol in their personal life may be even in social life. But following that so called idol and to spend thousands of dollar just to look like them is too difficult. It is not only difficult but also is rare to find this type of people around ourselves. That is exactly what happened this time. Well, Toby Sheldon did that. We all know this reality star who transformed his body by several surgeries just to look like pop star Justin Bieber. But Mother-daughter spent so much to just look like Katie price. Can you believe it?? Well both Mother and her daughter were obsessed with gorgeous model and they took Katie as their idol.

So the Mother-daughter approaches getting plastic Surgery together-I don’t know how to end that one. Maybe Therapy needs to get inside that.

Georgina Clarke, 38 and her young daughter, Kayla who is only 20 years old went under the surgery. These United Kingdom duo spent roughly £56,000 which is over 86,000 USD. Yes, the amount is quite large. How did they become able to spend such an amount? The surprising thing is they didn’t get those money from their family rather Kayla earned it. We are quite sure that they are looking quite like elder-younger sister rather than mother-daughter duo and the outcome didn’t come cheaply.According to news Kayla and Georgina spent additionally $7000 per year to preserve their pumpkin radiance which is only obtained from tanning beds. They are rumored to spend further thousand dollars to keep their hair and nail extensions.Kayla Used to be a stripper and she managed to get those money from her sugar daddies. Actually that is a special tactic she is using since 17. She is paying the expenditure for both of them. Georgina expressed with joy that she is really proud to have a girl like Kayla who is fulfilling her dreams.

They have expended a huge amount for their boob transplants jobs, lip reconstructions, butt implants. Kayla thinks the important thing is that she really feels a connection with her after this operation. She also feels that her feelings are priceless, can’t be achieved by thousands of dollars. On the other hand Georgina doesn’t have any problem whether Kayla has to strip or do some naughty job to pay her cosmetics. She believes she is living in her dream.

She told in an interview that surgery helped to create a bond between her and her mother. “We are now leading a life that we always wanted, cherished. We will try to make our boobs, booties even bigger.”She feels her mom is her best friend and she enjoys every moment with her mother being Katie price. Georgina expressed that she was not at all obsessed with Katie price when Kayla was little. She didn’t care about her look. But suddenly One day she felt herself shy and she discovered she doesn’t have anything special. It all changed when Katie price drew her attention. To her it was a new definition of beauty. She wanted to feel alive again. Now their plan is to keep ready the financial backup for their continuous care. So that they can maintain their look and remain beautiful forever.

Shocking news came to them when six months ago they got caught to Kayla’s sugar daddy about their arrangement. Now they are looking for someone who can be their new sugar daddy and can help in financing. They are even ready to take Yoga class or anything. Rumors has that Georgina is addicted to Botox.Kayla was not girly at all in her childhood years. She used to wear Baggy T shirts and loved to play football. Her obsession to Katie price started after watching Reality shows with her mother. While her mother made Katie an idol when she saw a topless photo of Katie in a magazine. She left her education at the age of 17 and started working as a stripper in one of Birmingham club. And she started to save her money from then. It is strange how addiction becomes passion for some people.


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