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Perhaps you will be hearing the famous name Julian Treasure, popularly known as the master of the sound. You must be fantasized with his scientific approach of speaking powerfully that people want to listen. Below we are clarifying his given messages in brief but for better understanding you shouldn’t miss the TED’s popular video that is attached here.

These seven deadly sins of speaking must be avoided while you’re talking. And, these are –

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These seven deadly sins of speaking must be avoided while you’re talking. And, these are

1. Gossip – Gossip incorporates unimportant and irrelevant talks through which people don’t want to. Formal communication doesn’t allow gossip that perhaps actually makes no sense to the audience.

2. Judging – Perhaps you can judge well but whoever are you there are always certain things exist that you simply can’t see and aren’t really vivid to you. So, you should not judge people while you’re dealing with your needs. Your judging attitude may interrupt the cores of effective communication.

3. Negativity – This is a curse for human behavior and if anyone belongs negativity while talking cannot achieve the audience mood. People want to hear positive talks with positive vibe.

4. Complaining – Complain refers to weak hearted version of yourself. People who are used to complaining about others symbolize his/her babyish mind and do not focus to be adaptable with the newer challenges. Don’t do any vigorous national art as well.

5. Excuse – We all are human beings and we all have certain drawbacks. Hence, any misconducts must be accepted and display of excuses must be avoided, particularly while speaking to your audience and getting your communication effective with them.

6. Lying – Lying is a trait that never appreciated anywhere. If, you’re a sales man you shouldn’t deliver exaggeration about your offerings that will break your customer trust and results into disruption of your branding. The fact is very valid while being a powerful speaker.

7. Dogmatism – As a modern conservative man you are required to think out of the box. You should accept creativity and to be creative as well. Some people have a negative propensity to accept change for keeping dogma in their mind. The last sin for your powerful speaking is dogmatism that you must cut from your personal dictionary.

In other sense you have really powerful tools for making your staff while speaking really powerful. Only four determinants will enable you to behave in an amazing version that people really want to listen you. Perhaps, you might not hear about the amazing word ‘Hail’ or perhaps you might. But according to Mr. Julian, Hail refers to greet or acclaim very enthusiastically.

If you break the word, Hail stands for;

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If you break the word, Hail stands for:

H – ‘Honesty’ of course which indicates the true value you keep on yourself. It refers to be clear and straight and not to dilly dally.

A – A stands for ‘Authenticity’ and that mentions you to be yourself. In fact Julian meant to be true and powerful version of your true self.

I – I stands for ‘Integrity’ that refers to be your own word. And the last one is.

L – L is for most precious thing that is ‘Love’. As an orator you must proclaim yourself and wish your audiences well.

Now, the time will not only be a metaphor. Now the time is yours to raise your voice and you can prove it that you guys can sound very beautifully.


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