If You Have this Skill, You Can Get Anything You Want!

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positive energy

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You are the one who is your source of positive energy!

What is that special ability that when you have it, you have what it takes to get what you want?
It could offer endless stories of people who have been successful in their life because they had this ability.

For example, we could tell about JK Rowling, a mother divorced and bankrupt, who wrote the first Harry Potter story on an old typewriter, which was rejected by 12 publishers before being accepted by one! The one who accepted warned that there was very little money in the industry of children’s books! – However, if you are from this world, you know that what happened next, is part of the history!

positive energy

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I could tell you about the Ethiopian Abede Bikila, son of pastor, who won an Olympic marathon one after another in the sixties. Who he had a car accident that left him a quadriplegic, but he returned to compete internationally!

I could tell you about the interpreter of Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) comedian Wayne Brady, who suffered serious stutter during childhood and adolescence and used the stage to overcome it!

I could tell you about Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs, but whose motivational speeches draw crowds of thousands of people and give hope to many people who have lost it.

positive energy

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Now, I will tell you to stop and think carefully how your life has been …
And the challenges that you have overcome along the way.
You remember that time when you were of 5 years and the simple act of tying your shoelaces filled you with great frustration. And when you eventually did it, it was not because you had talent; it was because you were persistent (with or without support from others) until you got it.

You remember when you entered the first grade and the teacher told you you’d have to learn to read; and at first, you did not know even how to spell your own name. But you insisted, until after a time you not only were reading but also learned to write.
You remember that time you were in school and you had to learn a new language, it seemed so difficult, even unexpected, and believed it would succeed and you kept yourself in class, and finally did it.

positive energy

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You remember that time you fell in love with the person of your dreams and you were filled with thoughts saying that it would be impossible that he or she is interested in you. But you said goodbye to those fears and you dared, and you got that person at least to notice you.

You remember the first time you applied for a job and you got a painful negative result… but you kept sending applications, despite the painful rejections, until a company called you.

You remember when you came to that company and had a horrible feeling that you had been a “false worker” because you did not understand anything of what you had to do, until you found out and started to work incredibly.

positive energy

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You remember that time you wanted to learn to paint, do crafts, play sports, take pictures or play an instrument and you failed miserably in your first attempt. But you insisted and eventually you surprised by how easy it was something that you initially seemed impossible.

positive energy
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Do you see that there are many things you have gotten without even realizing it?
And it is not for your talents. Talent is something to be grateful to have, no one can take it away, but it really takes you as far as you want to get is this: perseverance.
And the beautiful thing is that it is a skill that we can all have if we want…. do not give up! keep insisting yourself.

“90% of success is simply based on stress” – Woody Allen



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