Serena William Defeated Maria Sharapova at Australian Open

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Why the repetition of defeat is occurring again and again? Maria Sharapova probably doesn’t know this answer. Again Sharapova got defeated by the regular winning performance of Serena Williams, and the Russian tennis sensation told she will have a research about how to resolve the defeat.

For last 12 years Sharapova has been defeating to Serena, and including yesterday’s match Sharapova lost 18 consecutive games. In the last game in Melbourne Park Maria lost by (6-4), (6-1) set. After the match Maria seemed very disappointed and said, “She (Serena) is playing tennis in an unique phase. She is forcing other players to analysis their own performance, to make them hard work which has been more inspiring.”

So, Polish tennis player “Agnieszka Radwańska” may have to very hard work because in the semifinal Agnieszka has to face Serena. In the quarter final game Radwanska had defeated Spanish Tennis star ‘Suarez Navarro’ by (6-1, 6-3) set.


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