“Seeing The World Through a Screen and Not My Eyes”: Ed Sheeran!

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Image Credit: thr.com

Ed Sheeran is temporarily quitting the social media as he was going to travel. He said this to his fans on this Sunday morning posting a message on Instagram.

British singer Ed Sheeran from “Thinking Out Loud” has 5.5 million followers on his Instagram, to whom he gave the message of quitting social media in his post. He mentioned in the message that he was taking a break from his cell phones and emails for he wanted to travel the world and see everything he missed. It made some of his fans thought that he might be leaving for good after he wrote about his third album that it was one the way and the best work he has done so far.

Ed Sheeran also told to his fans that he would see them in the next autumn and also thanked them for being amazing. This singer also included Twitter on his leaving-list and before his final show he revealed to this 16 million followers that they might be buggering off for some time. Off the record, the Grammy-nominated second album of Sheeran in which there is a track “Sing” hit the number one on the Billboard 200.


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