5 Secret Google Projects That will Soon Change Our World

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Google is the best search engine we all know that. But the company is not satisfied only about search engine, in fact, the ambition of the company is much broader. There are several secret Google projects that are able to change the planet for the better.

01. Project Loon

Project Loon Secret Google Projects

Image Credit: spacesafetymagazine.com

The purpose of this project is to provide Internet access to residents of rural areas and remote regions where it is impossible to create ground infrastructure. Here, Google offered to run high-altitude balloons, which will reside in the sky at an altitude of about 18 kilometers. Balloons will be able to move to the specified point, or, conversely, to hang in the same place through the use of different air currents.

02. Project Titan

Project Titan Secret Google Projects

Image Credit: bilan.ch

Project Titan is also intended to create a single global wireless network, but with the help of drones hovering in the sky. They look like ultra-light planes, the wings of which contain solar panels that provide power to the device. This drone can stay in sky for years without requiring landing and refueling.

03. Baseline Study

Baseline Study Secret Google Projects

Image Credit: com.ua

Experienced doctors argue that perfectly healthy people do not exist. Indeed, the concept of the norm on the state of health and well-being is very vague. Project Baseline Study is intended to fill this concept with a real sense, and to determine what a healthy person really is. To this end, Google wants to collect a large amount of molecular genetic information from a sufficient number of human individuals and bring perfect health formula. Perhaps in the future, androids will be created by these patterns.

04. Google Contact Lenses

Google Contact Lenses Secret Google Projects

Image Credit: techtimes.com

Google Contact Lenses – an experimental electronic radio transmission sensor device based on a contact lens that is able to diagnose the disease and to monitor some important physiological parameters by analyzing the tear fluid. Google already successfully used it for the determination of blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.


05. Google DeepMind

Google DeepMind Secret Google Projects

Image Credit: aitrends.com

One of the most high-profile, promising and even a little frightening thing is the creation of artificial intelligence. So far, the company run its experiment on the classic video games, image recognition and speech generation of text and music. However, in the near future it is planned to use artificial intelligence for more serious purposes. For example, DeepMind Health will work with the UK National Health Service to develop and improve technologies for patient care.


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