Saudi Arabia Declared 34-Nation Islamic Military Coalitions against Terrorism

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Finally, Saudi Arabia declared the configuration of forming 34 Islamic countries military alliance to fight against terrorism- this news has been published by SPA, a state news agency. According to the statement- all 34 Islamic countries have decided on the configuration for that joint military force controlled and led by Saudi Arabia to combat against terrorism, and the command-center of that alliance will be in Riyadh to amalgamate and assist military campaign.
The alliance includes Arabian countries like Qatar, Egypt, and Arab Emirates along with other major Islamic states such as- Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey as well as some African countries and Gulf Arab states. It was clearly mentioned in that declaration, “it’s been a major duty to conserve all the Islamic countries from any devil/terrorist organizations, no matter whatsoever their cult and title which unleash exploitation and death on world and target to oppress the innocent people”.

Shi’ite-majority Muslim country,Iran was absent from that coalition of Islamic countries led by Saudi Arabia- a Sunni-majority Islamic nation. Reportedly, Iran got discarded from that alliance due to the “intermediation- contention” between two provincial powers Yemen and Syria. The US has been candid on this recent issue as the Gulf Arab nations needed to increase the military operation to battle against ISIL in Syria and Iraq.

In a press brief, Mohammed bin Salman(30)- a Defense administrator and crown dictator stated to the reporters that the movement will harmonize the attainment and efforts to defend the terrorist groups locating in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Afghanistan, though he provided only a few detailed manifestations of how the combined military operation will be advanced. Salman also said that the international combination and effort must be needed to conduct the operation against terrorism, and Saudi Arabia can’t engage in this campaign without codification with the International association.


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