Some Thoughts About the New Saturday Night Live Host: Ryan Gosling

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Let’s not try to avoid the point of the issue : He is a dreamy man, Ryan Gosling. It’s a quality which probably will be the center and the front in, to a minimum, one sketch of the “Saturday Night Light” episode that Ryan is going to host if the promos of the episode, which has a feature that Aidy Bryant’s exertion to steal a kiss from the actor, can be accounted as any indicator.

This is going to be the first time that Ryan hosting SNL, and one of a very few times when the actor is branching out of drama to try some comedy. The very impressive filmography of Ryan Gosling is filled with successful dramatic movies such as “The Notebook” or “Blue Valentine”. But his comedy movies such as “Crazy, Stupid, Love” wasn’t appreciated so greatly. And his upcoming film “The Big Shot” which is a comedy-drama isn’t being expected to be something so great.

But that does not prove that Gosling can’t be funny. The previous attempts than he had taken in films like “Lars and the Real Girl” in which he played an even more subtle role which was a “Doll-loving lone hand”, proved that he can be as funny as anyone. And once again, it has been shown by the promos of the Saturday Night Live that Gosling is more than ready and has a will to be a good host.

And the “will” is maybe the most important thing to have when it comes to hosting the great show “Saturday Night Live”. So let’s hope for the best, and we all know he won’t let us down.


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