Russia Made Economic Obstruction on Turkey: Turkey President ‘Shocked’ for Downing Russian War Plane

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Moscow has announced to implement economic blockade on Turkey due to the crash of Russian war plane at Syria border zone by Turkey. After having crashed of the warplane Russian president Vladimir Putin sanctioned in the blockade decision on Turkey at last Saturday, and this official decision of obstruction came from Russia at the peak of fourth day from the crash of their war plane. Besides this, Russia has sent out a warship through the Mediterranean Sea towards Syrian coast and employed advanced missiles there indeed. Turkey president ‘Recep Tayyip Erdogan’ yesterday stated that he is ‘shocked’ for the crash of Russian warplane. In a speech held in the west zone of Balikseir city Erdogan stated that, ‘it would be better if it’d not happen, but finally it’s occurred somehow. I hope it will not happen this type of incident in the future’. Previously, Erdogan wasn’t agreed to apologize for this incident.

From a news of BBC it is stated that, the far destination air defense feature of Russian- warship ‘Moskva’ will ensure the security of all warplanes used against the ISIL and all protestant parties of Bashar-al- Assad. Besides, for ensuring the security of the warship Russia has sent out advanced ‘S-400 missiles. And those missiles have been employed in Syrian airfield-‘Latakia’ & ‘Heimin’. This airfield is situated from the distance of only 50km of Turkey, and to attack on the anti- Bashar party Russian warplanes have been using this airfield from last 30th September. Last Tuesday, by the crash of Russian warplane by turkey missile attack there grows a huge discomposure between Turkey and Russia, and currently extreme conversation conflict is going on between the two parties.

Previously, last Friday in a TV announcement Turkey president Erdogan prohibits Russia from “not playing with fire” addressing the war campaign in Syria by Russia. The same day Russia foreign ministry ‘Sergei lavrov’ declared to stop the Visa free facility for Turkish people implemented from next 1st January. He said that, Turkey has surpassed the limit of approach-ability in some sectors indeed. He also said that, this incident of downing Russian Warplane will hinder the national and international interest extremely for the Turkey.

Before that, Putin prohibited Russian people from travelling turkey. The most interesting fact is that, one of the significant parts of the tourists came to Turkey are Russian people. Last year more than 30 laks Russian tourists traveled Turkey, because of that there is a huge possibility of collapsing Turkish tourism sector. But currently Turkish president is agreeing to consult with Russian president in next World Climate Summit held in Paris. Already Ankara has offered a letter to Kremlin asking for time.


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