Because of Rafael Benitez, Ronaldo Has Not Scored!

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The thing he can do most easily, it seems most difficult! The goal is like his breakfast. That Cristiano Ronaldo has not goals. Not only Spanish league’s two matches but also just one goal in six matches of the pre-season. Ronaldo scored only one goal at the last eight matches- strange!

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Spain, mostly in Madrid press loudly raised a question, is Benitez properly use Ronaldo? There has another reason from Real supporter discomforts to Benitez. Real scored only 10 goals in eight matches of pre-season. In four matches, they didn’t get any goal. At the first match, their result goalless draw against a team who recently overcomes the relegation. Ronaldo is the main goal provider of Real. He scored 313 goals at 302 matches for Real Madrid. The number of goals is more than matches.

Many people raised a question against Benitez’s techniques. Under Ancelotti period, Real played 4-3-3 in the table. The BBC was attacked together. But now they play 4-2-3-1 in the table. Here Karim Benzema is in front of everyone. Immediate back- Ronaldo, Bale and Rodriguez. The Spanish media have blamed to Benitez’s techniques and practice methods that because Ronaldo didn’t score. The Portuguese winger does not comfortable in Benitez’s tactics. In Benitez’s techniques, there have not given importance properly- Ronaldo thinks that.

However, Benitez did not give any importance in the press. His statement, there has not the reduction in the importance of Ronaldo. Rather he is same as before. There has no doubt of his ability. When teams have made more chances then he scores more and more goals.


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