Richard Gere, 66, Makes Red Carpet Debut with His New Girlfriend Who is Just 32

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The rumor is in the air for quite a few days, but Richard Gere and his girlfriend didn’t enclose anything to public. They have been dating for almost 18 months. They said that they were afraid of showing their romance in public.

Richard Gere is considered one of the strongest actors in Hollywood and his new girlfriend, Alejandra Silva is just a baby to him. Richard is now 66 and his girlfriend is just 32. On November 23 in Madrid They made their first public appearance together at the premiere of “Time Out of Mind.” Richard held his love with his arm and they were gazing at one another with affection and love.

Richard’s love Alejandra is a Spanish socialite. She wore a white knee-high dress and her blonde hair was a little curly. Richard Gere was looking so handsome in his open dark suit. It seemed that age was not a hindrance in their way of love. They were comfortable with each other. They gave pose for photographers with smiling faces and while walking on the red carpet, they embraced each other.

This couple was closely spotted together in Acitrezza, Italy in June. They were nestling on a yacht. They were kissing one another and walking around. Alejandra was seen before when she went to Taormina’s annual Film Festival where Richard got an award for his works.

One of Alejandra’s friend stated to Spain’s ABC that they have been together for a year, but most of the people don’t know as they didn’t want to spread their relationship. They tried hard to keep it a secret. Richard went to see Alejandra at her place for several times. Though they have hidden their relationship from the media, but all their friends know it very well.

Richard is processing his divorce from his second wife Carey Lowell, an actress and model. On the other hand, Alejandra has a 15 year old son. Probably they are going to tie knot soon


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