The Reason Why Jeans are Named “Jeans”

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reason why jeans are named “Jeans”

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We all sometimes wonder about the little things of our everyday life. Like, what that additional hole on our sneakers is actually for? Inside the other useful pockets, why there is a totally useless, tiny pocket on our jeans? And other, mind-confusing phenomenon. And most of us never truly realize that they are ‘closed books’ unless we actually start to give them some thoughts. And finally we found an answer to one of those great mysteries.
How jeans got the name jeans? Where is it from? Yes, we are turning our attending to denim and try to find out why exactly our dearest type of cloth has been named ‘jeans’ in the first place. And I’m sure we all have wondered about this at list once.
According to the explanation of Hello Giggles, in the 19th century in particular, ‘serge’, the French fabric material that is needed to produce jeans, was made in Nimes – which is actually a town, and for that reason, people named it ‘serge de Nimes’, or, for short : denim. Sailors who came from Italy’s Genoa, had a profound obsession with jeans, (well, who wouldn’t be!), and very often, they visited the town of Nimes just for purchasing their favorite ‘serge de Nimes’ in bulk amounts.
They bought so much of the stuff, in fact, that they became colligated with the product themselves shortly and thus ‘jeans’ turned into the cognomen for denim-buying sailors form Genoa and their trousers. And, this is the reason why jeans are named “Jeans.”


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