According to Science, This is the Real Secret of Attraction

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The real secret of attraction resides in the brain.

The characteristics that make a person attractive to others have been searched for hundreds of years. Although it is proven that these may vary depending on the context, values and lifestyle, there are people who continue to think physical qualities give the greatest advantage. While it is true that physical traits have much to do, it is not the only thing that can make people attractive. Some believe that attraction to others come from the personality and the qualities. In addition to this, scientific research shows that a very important part of the attraction lies in the brain and it has the ability to understand the emotions and intentions of others.

Secret of Attraction

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Researches from the University of Lubeck (Germany) has published a recent study in the journal PNAS, where it is said that the more able we are to decipher someone’s feelings, the more attractive they are to us. After analyzing the neural mechanisms that are stimulated with attractiveness, the study authors found that the ability of a person to read the emotions of other plays a very important role.

Silke Anders, Professor of Social and Effective Neuroscience at the University of Lübeck and author of the study, says, “Being able to understand the intentions and emotions of another person is essential for successful social interaction. To reach common success, people must understand and continually update the information about the intentions and emotions of their partners, to anticipate the behavior of others and adapt their own accordingly.”

To reach this conclusion, 90 people became subject of an experiment where they had to watch videos of women expressing fear or sadness. After seeing the videos, participants had to guess how the woman were feeling and what level of confidence the contestants felt while reading women. While contestants did this work, researchers analyzed their brain activity to measure the level of attraction.

Once they solved their task, the scientists found that those who were more accurate to their analysis, the more they were attracted to women. This result says the more we can understand other’s feelings accurately, the more we are attracted to others. This is because the reward area of the brain becomes active, which, in turn, gives us feelings of pleasure. What is very interesting about these findings is the role of the brain of both sender and receiver.

When, for example, a person shows facial expressions of fear or sadness and the receiver processes efficiently in their brain, the reward system triggers and increases the attraction towards the sender.

Therefore, previous studies found that there is a difference in the neural circuitry of individuals, for those who lack the ability to “read” the emotions are the ones who have problems with communication and attraction.


Secret of Attraction

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Because of this, some scientists suggest that, when communication does not work well, does not mean that people are not interested, but their neuronal vocabulary is not enough in understanding.

Anders acknowledges that the study is small to give proper statements. However, he assures that he wants to further analyze how understanding the emotions of other changes over time, and if there is a possibility that the emotional reading ability increases with experience between individuals.

It would also be good to check if that ability to understand others comes from our same qualities or if there are other factors that make it compatible.

However, this study sure give some understandings about the key of attractiveness and how some people are attractive than others.


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