Only 15 Minutes “Power Nap” will Keep You Positive and Energetic

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Our body is a constantly running engine, from morning until late evening we are in motion. After a whole tiring week, on Monday, most of the people deal with difficulties when they need to get up and go to work again. The forces keep us busy every day except the weekend and sometimes we don’t even get weekend for the work pressure. This practice of stress and less sleep leads us to loss of strength, enthusiasm and positivity in life.

The greatest artist, Leonardo da Vinci used to practice “REM sleep” for tidal energy and effort that is still necessary for the second half of the day. The man has a lot of contributions to the history and development of civilization. To reach such heights, he didn’t have enough time to rest. But Leonardo made time for the rapid 15-minute power nap. Many great men limit themselves to sleep, but they develop their technique of overlapping that keeps them healthy and energetic.

We all are different and the process may not be applicable for all. A quick 15 minutes sleep can keep you energetic for 15 to 17 hours. You have to fix a schedule based on your work schedule for getting the nap. In such large corporations, such as Google and Facebook employees are allowed to take a nap during working hours. The companies gave the permission because it greatly improves the quality of work. A quick 15-minute sleep replaces long sleep. For 15 minutes, the body and the brain get time to relax completely and after you wake up you will get a huge burst of energy that keeps you enthusiastic, energetic and happy for the rest of the day.


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