PillDrill – The New System that Reminds You Taking Your Meds

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A lot of people taking prescription pills such as maintenance tend to forget if they have taken a dose of the day while some have difficulty tracking medication if their loved ones who have already taken the necessary medicine. A new medical product at home is a solution to these problems: PillDrill.

The PillDrill is a new scanning system that allows users person to keep track of your prescriptions and remind them to take their medications. This innovative device also helps family members and caregivers to track whether his patient had taken their medication without having to nag through calls and messages.

PillDrill is an improved container which has a capacity pills scanning to track whether your dose had already taken necessary. It’s like an alarm clock that reminds patients to take their medication if they had forgotten to do so, and also as an automated phone that sends notifications to primary caregivers if taken or not drugs.

The PillDrill is easy to use and can serve one or more persons. It also adjusts to different routines medication and helps one to keep track of their own drugs or medication regimen of a loved one.
“What is special about PillDrill is that it combines right into the existing routine of the person: a superposition of light that offers all the benefits of a technology product without any of the problems ,”said Havas.

How does it work

PillDrill  How does it work

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PillDrill is composed of the Hub PillDrill, 12 pieces of labels exploration, two pieces of strips labeled AM pills and PM and the mood of the cube, which has five moods: great, good, OK, bad and horrible.

The Hub PillDrill is the center of all analysis and reporting functions of the device. It measures 6 inches long, 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall. PillDrill works to connect the cable to an electrical outlet and Wi-Fi. Their audiovisual alerts are audible enough to notify a person provided they have not taken their medications. It is also equipped with a sensor in which the user only has to use drugs selected register consuming.

Gaza pill is the organizer of the weekly medicine, designed as regular plastic containers pills, but built with sensors to help track medicine, taken in the Hub PillDrill. It also allows one to place any number of strips to accommodate specific medication routine.

The mood of PillDrill Cube is a cube-like dice with five mood, a mood face on each side. This serves as a tracker welfare for those who take their pills. It is also built with sensors that wiped in the bucket to record the current mood of the person. This is very useful for monitoring whether a new drug is good for the person or it would be better to stick to the old recipe.

12 scanning labels work for inclusion in medicine bottles to easily scan the medicine without the hassle of placing on the strip. Users only need to paste labels on the container and scan it into the bucket.

The PillDrill application is an optional inclusion, but very important in the kit. This application is synchronized with the PillDrill hub to allow primary caregivers to keep in touch and be informed of making remote medical patients. The application tracks whether patients have taken their medications and how they are feeling.

For personal use, this application can send a notification if you forgot to take the pill or have successfully completed their medications. medicine programming and configuration can also be done through this application.



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