Perhaps you Have Never Imagined Your Teeth Can Tell a Lot About Your Personality

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Teeth shape can tell a lot about your personality.

Our teeth, especially the front and top are first noticed when we speak or laugh. In one way or another, they are our letter and that is why we are so worried about keeping them clean, healthy and clean. But that’s not all: the shape of our teeth, like many other parts of our body, can tell a lot about our personality.

The most typical forms of the front teeth are square, oval, round or triangular. What are you waiting for? Take a mirror and see what type of teeth you have got!

01. Square Teeth

Square Teeth

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People with square teeth often speak little, but they always have the right word. In general, they are shy and have a very peaceful personality. They control their emotions perfectly (although sometimes this leads to many things saved). They are very good at giving constructive criticism as their comments are never hurtful and always very objective. They are punctual, never lose control in stressful situations and always willing to help those who need it most.

02. Oval Teeth

Oval Teeth

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People with oval teeth are generally extremely organized. Regardless of whether engaged in artistic or not, they have a soul artist. They are friendly, comprehensive and have the ability to listen so others. They have no trouble seeing the beauty even in the darkest and strangest of all places.

03. Triangular teeth

Triangular teeth

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People with triangular teeth tend to be more extroverted and easygoing than their counterparts. They care a lot to be happy and they usually have many friends. They do not usually worry about the future, let alone the past: they always live in the moment. They are very optimistic and always calm before challenges.

04. Rectangle-shaped teeth

Rectangle-shaped teeth

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People with the rectangle – shaped teeth tend to think pretty things before making decisions, however, once they do, then they don’t back off. They are very good to help others solve their problems and have a pleasant but strong personality. They are perfectionists, respectful and hardworking.


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