Want a Perfect Shape like Taylor Swift? Try Her Secret Tips!

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Image Credit: playbuzz.com

We just see it on vacation that, Taylor Swift with her boyfriend Calvin Harris has not left any occasions to share on Instagram and Facebook. The reality is that the most influential twenty some thing has always looked a nice silhouette but it was in her teens, she began her career in early 2006, when she managed to stylize her figure.

However, Taylor admits she does not need to be crushed in the gym and follow strict diets as some of her colleagues do. There is a matter of genetics but also of a simpler method than you think. Her remarks in Bon Appetite magazine will give much about it. You can just try her secrets to keep fit like a teenager.

These are the six pillars on which it relies to stay in shape without depriving yourself of anything:

1. Follow a healthy diet and exercise Monday to Friday.
2. On weekends eats like a young boy and eat what you most want.
3. During the week have breakfast with wheat pancakes with ham, Parmesan cheese and fried egg served with a glass of orange juice.
4. During the week at lunch have salads and sandwiches, avoiding sugary drinks. A chicken sandwich and lemonade lavender are enough.
5. During the week at dinner take grilled fish with mustard and boiled or baked potatoes.
6. On Friday night eat pizza for gluten and sometimes eat hotdogs and homemade cookies made at home.


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