Why Olympians have circular bruises on their bodies?

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I do not know if you’ve been following the Olympics this year, but if you’ve made sure you noticed that some athletes have weird circular bruises on his body. And if you’re like me, then you wondered why? Will they were in a street fight that left them some brands impossible to hide? If so sure the fight was with some sort of octopus, as well as the circular marks have no other meaning. Or is it some sort of fashion?

Olympians have circular bruises

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Well, the answer is simple. Athletes you see with these brands is because they have undergone a treatment called “cupping” or, in Spanish, cupping therapy, which is a healing practice that comes from the ancient shamans of Mesopotamia and serves to promote blood circulation and lymphatic; the method consists of applying hot glass vessels on the skin to create suction and introduce heat into the body.

Olympians have circular bruises

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Some say that this practice of alternative medicine decreases swelling and pain by improving blood circulation.
Apparently it does not hurt or affect the patient, the only thing is that leaves them these visible bruises disappear within 5 days, approximately.

Olympians have circular bruises

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One of the regulars to practice this technique is the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, who, by the way, is the most decorated Olympian of all times, so it should not be bad, right?

Olympians have circular bruises

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