Older Siblings are Smarter Than the Younger, Study Says

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A study by the University of Leipzig showed that birth order of siblings does not determine the type of personality, it rather determines intellect. According to the study, older siblings are smarter and they have higher IQs.

Generally older siblings are believed to be smarter than the rest of their brothers and sisters and apparently this is true. In the late nineteenth century, anthropologist Francis Galton, cousin of Charles Darwin, who began to raise this theory. However, it had not been proven then. Later, the study of University of Leipzig proves that older siblings are actually smarter.

The researchers analyzed three databases from three countries (Germany, UK and USA) in which they could control variables such as family size, age, origin and socioeconomic status. By analyzing those across all information, they found a correlation: the subjects recorded 1.5 IQ points more than their younger ones.

Despite these results, it has not yet established a satisfactory explanation to describe this fact completely. The study leader, psychologist Stefan Schuler said another correlation between birth order and self – perception of intellectual curiosity is found: “Firstborn were more likely to ensure they have a rich vocabulary and less difficulty in understanding abstract ideas.”

The truth is that there are more studies that have been published over time to ensure the opposite of this theory. It all depends on actual information, and when all the researchers can be able to agree in one point, this theory will be fully established.


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