US President Obama is Crazy for Having “Like”!

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US president Barack Obama desires as if his fans and admirers offer him “Like” in Facebook, make comment about him and even share his post between them. Recently Obama has opened a Facebook page by the name of “President Barack Obama, Public Figure”. This news has been informed by the source of CNN and The New York Times.

For long time the US president is holding a twitter account and his political supporter is currently running a Facebook account by the name ‘Barack Obama, Politician’, but this account is used only for his various political publicity. But this time Mr. President deserves to belong in social website as an individual like others but not with the identity of political person. For that reason he’s opened this new Facebook page, and this page has earned two hundred thousand “Like” within three hours of activation. And within few hours the co-founder of Facebook ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ makes a comment in that page and chief operating officer of this organization ‘Sheryl Sandberg’ also wishes thanks to US president.In that Facebook page Mr. President has uploaded a Video, and in that video it’s seen that he is walking at the back side of ‘White House’, and passing time with his pet bird ‘Linkon’ and other animals there, welcoming to take part in the war of climate change Obama put a message to the next generation that, ‘preserve our beautiful world for the next generation’.

To represent as a normal person Obama describes in his autobiography himself as a father, husband and 44th US president. It’s been stated in that page that, according to the law the messages and all the comments may be preserved in this page.


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