A New Nontoxic Drug for Cancer Treatment is Investigated in Uruguay

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Image Credit: welt.de
This research involves a revolution in the treatment of cancer worldwide, and that from this point the cancer treatment never again involve a deadly risk to the patient.
It is the bionic company of Uruguay, together with the Faculty of Chemistry, University of the Republic, which launches this “Panacea Project” or Panacea Project, in English, which as been called this proposal research and development.
A team of chemists, doctors and executives are doing a mega-project in Uruguay, to find a solution to what is now the worst disease of our time and one of the leading causes of death worldwide, according to the World Cancer Report 2014 – World Health Organization (WHO).

The focus of this medicine is essentially different from all other treatments that have been used so far. The way in which the active substance acts against tumors is stimulating apoptosis (programmed cell death) in tumor cells, whereas normal cells are unaffected. It also manages to increase the patient’s immunity.

Just say it is an attempt to find a drug that does not attack the patient and remove the cancer itself .. and it says a lot.

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy destroy traditional tumor cells but also destroy healthy cells and simultaneously lower the defenses of the person. The approach is different from traditional approaches, not only because a substance that can induce most cancer cells to normal, harmless and even convert pre-cancerous cells back into normal cells, death will be used but also because it stimulates the immune system to the body itself can help more effectively in the eradication of tumors system.
Wanted something the “perfect homeostatic regulator”. Something that has been actively pursued for decades, something like the “holy grail” of drug development.

Just released a campaign of crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with the aim of raising funds for this project, which will research and development, in Uruguay, a cancer drug that is safe, ie without losing effectiveness in relation to other existing treatments show no unwanted side effects.

Crowdfunding is a new and powerful method by which micro-patronage is done, or that ordinary people can make donations for various purposes. It is, as they themselves define it, the way that people around the world join forces and make ideas come true.


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