NASA has Revealed over Hundred Cosmic Celestial Neighbors Where Aliens May Dwell!

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Scientists published in their recent report where existences of new Alien planets are highly expected to be discovered in the near future. According to the point of view of the NASA Kepler mission in march, 2009, the presences of new alien planets have already been proclaimed that bear a scientific confirmation. The expected new alien planets are found in the Universe look almost similar about the earth in terms of their size.

Andrew Vanderburg who is from Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics stated, “Scientists have also found 234 possible planets that are awaiting confirmation.” Through keeping a record of the fluctuations of brightness which brightness is usually seen at the time of passing star’s orbit and interrupts. Although a historical mission went into vain in 2013 regarding which many concerns including several astronauts remarked the research futile. But on the other hand, a quick overcome has been reported at the sight of Kepler’s mission. Behind keeping the failure, Kepler mission tended to apply for solar radiation that effort still keeps the mission in search of the planets where Aliens dwell.

Kepler started another mission named K2 where Bill Borchuki was appointed as a prime researcher in 2014. It is highly expected that mission is going to figure out at least ‘dozens’ or hundreds of planets in the very upcoming future where Aliens dwell. From the University of Arizona astronomer Ian Crossfield stated, “This is a validation of the whole K2 program’s ability to find large numbers of true, bona fide planets.”

Based on some previous reports it was also been assured by Kepler that 50,000 or more stars take 7,000 signals at the early age of conducting K2’s mission. From NASA’s Ames Research center, Tom Barclay stated in another statement that the discussion is not fanatic rather a fact that the spacecraft is currently seeking for more typical planets. Barclay stated, “We are focusing on stars that are much brighter, stars that are nearer by, stars that are easier to understand and observe from the Earth. The idea here is to find the best systems, the most interesting systems.”

Yes, it is still a controversy whether planets will be discovered in the near future from the cosmos or this hunger will never be satisfied by the astronomers. But Kepler mission, which is viewed as a best space searching program by NASA allow the positive vibe that any elsewhere in the Universe, planets must exist where Aliens and lives are present. Perhaps one day may be in the near future, the mankind will be able to connect those cosmic neighbors. This future fact is highly expected by the concerns.


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