Study Suggests Your Mouse Moves Differently When You’re Frustrated

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If you have a computer then you must have been disappointed with it at some point of time. Various problems such as keyboard doesn’t work, the mouse stops working suddenly and many more come up while using the computer. Almost everyone click the mouse desperately to solve these problems out or mash the keyboard for a magical solution. At the end, nothing works as per our will.

A new study states that you show your anger in a gentle way by changing the style you normally run the cursor. Now web designers will be able to use this data to identify whether the Web pages are not user-friendly. A group of researchers recently supervised people’s cursor movements to identify if the cursors worked differently when the users were disappointed, and tried to determine if those movements define a user’s mental status. The research was published in Management Information Systems Quarterly.

For the experiment, the researchers had to make people angry by various tricks. They made page that took forever to load and at the end it failed, and they also created difficult questions to answer in a short time. People became frustrated as those questions were impossible to answer in such a short time. The researchers found out that frustrated people were so desperate to move the cursors and they were moving those in an irregular way. And others moved the mouse very slowly.

The group of researchers said that they guess by the attention control theory (ACT), the conduct of people can be explained. The theory explains that people who go through negative experiences leave their goals and start working in a stimulus-responsive manner. That means when you are frustrated, you focus on the thing that is upsetting you rather than on your goal.

People who are happy with their computers move their mouse in a gentle and precise way to achieve their goals, while frustrated users waste their time by thinking what is disappointing them, the study explains. Study author Jeff Jenkins stated that using technology will no longer be a mute. New websites will be able to sense you and they will serve you what you want. They will understand your mental status. Jenkins has already started using this new technology. We hope the new technological movement will be utilized for our betterment.


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