4 of The most Mysterious Letterings and Writings from Ancient Time that still Remains Undeciphered

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Today we know a vast history of our ancient ancestors, their customs, their kingdoms, religions, wars and revolutions that changed the history step by step. We know about their kings and queens, famous heroes or notorious killers. We write novels, stories or poems regarding famous characters, stories or myths from their time. We name our children as Alexander, Philip, Athena or Minerva after the characters from the myths or the histories. In a word we know pretty much everything of the past of the history of mankind. This would not have been possible if the relevant scholars couldn’t decipher the huge amount of ancient writings and inscriptions that has been discovered by the archeologists. But still, there are many inscriptions that couldn’t be decoded yet after life-long efforts even by the finest cryptographers and linguistic scientists of the world. Lets’ take a look at 4 of The most mysterious letterings and writings from ancient time that still remaining undeciphered.

01. Mayan Hieroglyphics

most mysterious letterings and writings from ancient time

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Millenniums old Mayan hieroglyphics are one of the most important mysterious writings from the ancient time that yet to be decoded. They were found on monument walls, potteries or books made by bark-papers. For a long time the experts thought that those writing are of no meaning; they were just been drawn to illustrate. But recently the experts have achieved some advancement to decipher those writings. If they manage to succeed, we will be able to know a huge amount of information about the Mayans which are still nothing but mysteries to us.


02. The Disk of Phaistos

most mysterious letterings and writings from ancient time

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Another mysterious object from the ancient time which contains mysterious writings the experts could not decode is the mysterious disk of Phaistos. It was discovered in 1908 by an Italian archaeological expert on Crete’s southern seashore. It contains mysterious illustrations on both sides. It is a fried plate of clay. It is about fifteen centimeter in diam and one centimeter in thickness and it is about from almost 4000 ago. The experts of the Oxford University are working on it; and according to them, they are partially successful to decode the disk, but it will take more time to fully decipher it. Lets’ now move from Italy to Greece to learn more.


03. The Tablet of Dispilio

most mysterious letterings and writings from ancient time

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In the north of Greece, archaeologists found a wooden tablet which is far older than the disk of Phaistos and also contains mysterious writings engraved on it, called – The tablet of Dispilio. It is from seven or eight thousand years ago. Along with this tablet, many other artifacts were found in that area. But the writings on it made it special and interesting to the experts. Decoding the writings of this tablet is still being considered a very difficult job for the decipherment specialists. This kind of mysteries was founded all over the world.


04.  The Rongorongo Letterings

most mysterious letterings and writings from ancient time

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It was the nineteenth century; a discovery of a set of ancient artifacts with mysterious symbols engraved was made in the world-famous Easter Island. They are called – The Rongorongo Letterings. The meaning of those writings could never be decoded. A friar of the Catholic church first discovered those writings. According his written statement, he discovered 26 clumsy-shaped wooden tablets with strange writings on; which were also damaged in various ways. The mysterious carvings are written between two lines across the tablet. The illustrations contains shapes like plants, animals, birds, humans and some other unusual shapes similar to geometrical characters. But the true meanings of those writings are still remaining nothing but mystery. Many specialists believe that if those writings and glyphs can be deciphered, we may be able to know the cause of the fall of Ester Island’s ancient civilization.

There are many more mysterious writings and inscriptions or glyphs have been discovered all over the world apart from these. Some are from the earlier time and some of them are from even the modern age. In every era of history humans create mysteries. But no mystery is unsolvable. Lets’ hope that, the specialists manage to succeed to solve those mysteries and help us to learn more about our past.


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