Meet the “Lady Dai”: The First Human Documented to have Died from Heart Problems!

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Her life of luxury and pleasure led to one death from heart disease more than 2000 years ago.

She had a life of luxury, pleasure, the best food and we even know her last meal were melons. Burial procedures were as glamorous: covered in 20 layers of silk, buried with more than 100 of her clothes, servants represented in wooden statuettes.
The “Lady Dai” (also called Xin Zhui) was discovered in 1971 in Hunan Province in China when a group of workers were building a house.
The men did not know, but came upon the grave of a woman of nobility who had the best during her life that the autopsy to her well – preserved body concluded.

Although she died about 163 BC (Over 2000 years ago!), the body of the woman went through very little damage: her skin is smooth and internal organs are almost as good as new.

She still has blood (type A) in her body, and the body keeps its hair and eyelashes!
The woman lived during the Han Dynasty and suspected was the wife of the Marquis of Dai. As we told, the autopsy revealed her luxurious life: she was overweight, had high blood pressure, clogged arteries, liver diseases, stones, diabetes and heart disease.
In fact, according to the New York Post, this woman is the first documented case of a person dying from heart problems. She suspected to have died at age 50.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the woman is how her body is so perfectly preserved.
The researchers found that the woman was buried covered with 20 layers of silk, immersed in an acidic liquid. Everything was sealed in four covered coffins of 5 tons of coal and a clay finishing.

Neither water nor air could enter that space, so bacteria could not survive and the wear process was incredibly limited.
The woman also was buried with more than 100 garments and servants represented in small wooden figures.

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