Meadow Pays Tribute to Her Late Father Paule Walker on His 42nd Birthday

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Paule Walker

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Paul walker’s teenage daughter tribute her late father on and an Instagram post on his 42 birthdays sharing an old snapshot of adorable little meadow with her father. What would have been more precious than this?

On Paul Walker’s 42nd birthday, his daughter posted a photo of them together and she captioned it, saying that she finds her reflecting on her father’s passions when reflecting on her father. She also said, her father’s passion was for the ocean, for rescuing animals. His passion was for helping people and also he was passionate for impulsive goodwill. Meadow wrote, she wanted to start a Paul’s foundation because she wanted tot share piece of his father with the whole world. She added that she I am proud to launch the Paul Walker Foundation on this day, as she couldn’t find any better way to celebrate her father’s birthday. This foundation is for the oceans leaders, it will help the leaders to protect our oceans and wildlife and also help ourselves, reported posted on the organization’s official Facebook page. This is not for the first time Meadow shared something like this about her father, she showed her sentiments on Father’s day too, when she posted a photo of her as a baby on her Father’s arms. Rebecca Soteros Paul’s ex and Meadow’s mom said, that both Father and Daughter have the same blue eyes, both of them looked so good on those pictures.

Paul died in a car crash when he was on his way to a charity event for his organization in Valencia, Calif in November 2013. He was with his Business advisor Roger Rhodes, who was driving the car, he died in the accident too. After his death, many of his friends and family have celebrated his life. In march, Pul’s co-star from the movie Fast and Furious and a very good friend of his, Vin Diesel announced that she will name her newborn baby girl after Paul Walker. She said, when she was in the hospital, the first name came in her mind is Paul ad she named her newborn baby girl Pauline after Paul Walker. Diesel cried at the moment when she held her newborn, she had no other person on her mind that time and she felt hat Paul was there and this is a way to keep his memory a part of her life for the rest of her life.


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