Mark Zuckerberg Hired 16 Bodyguards to Protect him

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The creator of Facebook is very concerned about security.

Mark Zuckerberg is very concerned for the safety of his and his family’s. Sources reported that the creator of Facebook has hired 16 bodyguards to protect them at home.

It seems that sophisticated electronic security systems in place at his mansion in Silicon Valley are not enough and would rather have people trained in case suffers some form of theft or harassment. One of the major concerns of Mark Zuckerberg is the safety of his family

“He has a house full of security personnel,” said a source. This could cost up to 10 million dollars a month.
Zuckerberg, apparently, and would have had problems with his neighbors. “There is no way to park, their cars occupy everything. We try to reach an agreement with them, but his boss does not let them move cars,” say some neighbors.


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